Why cruising?

The simple answer: we have watched too many cruising videos to not experience this lifestyle (a vicious cycle that drives us to also produce videos).

The more complex answer: it all started with a sailing holiday with friends in Greece. Although we very much liked the experience, it took our unconsciousness until the following winter to seduce us into sailing fantasies and to nurture them through online videos, blogs, and eventually books. By the time we were ordering books on cruising, we had to admit that we were dreaming of a sailing adventure. So we decided to get sailing licenses and see whether we still like it. The more licenses we got (and you can get loads of them), the more we liked it. Eventually, we were sure that we actually wanted to realize our plan. So we quit our jobs and bought a boat.

Our expectations?

Interestingly, our story began as described above and we didn’t think about it on a deeper level “why” we actually wanted to follow this dream. It just seemed great. However, the closer we get to living on our boat, the more we ask ourselves what is actually driving us to do so and what we expect from the cruising lifestyle. Here are a couple of points.

A different use of our time: it could be argued that it is all a big waste of time. We are neither contributing much useful to society, nor do we produce and raise children. But what is a good use of time? We don’t know. What we are looking for is spending time in a different way than we have during our working lives. And perhaps the ability to be more spontaneous with the allocation of our time (hopefully not only boat projects though).

Time with friends: being on a boat with friends is special. Not only because of the sailing experience, but also simply because you spend many hours together on very little space and you need to work together in different way than on land. This also means that you get to know each other much better. We are looking forward very much to spending good times with old and new friends on our floating home.

Being close to nature: although a sail boat is actually a pretty complex heap of technical systems, nature is always just a step away. And this short distance means that we will experience nature much closer, be it snorkeling in beautiful anchorages or sailing in wind and rain.

Practical challenges: neither of us has much experience with manual work. A big challenge that we look forward to is learning a broad range of practical skills from servicing diesel engines to woodwork.

One thought on “Why cruising?

  1. I am so excited about you getting started with your project next week with Ela moving to the boat harbor in Spain. I think your description about why doing this here on the blog is great. I wish you all the best and I am very much looking forward to following you here on the blog. No matter in which direction this adventure is leading you too, it will be awesome.

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