Top of the Rock

Since our friend Mani flew in to help us move our boat from La Linea in Spain to Almerimar a bit further to the East, we decided to treat him to a nice day of tourism before embarking on all the work that was awaiting us.

We slept in an had a nice Spanish tapas breakfast. Then we put sunscreen, prepared some sandwiches and left to climb the 426m high “top of the rock” as the peak of Gibraltar’s mountain is called. La Linea is the border town to British Overseas Territory Gibraltar and from the marina it is only a half hour walk to the foot of its famous Rock. Naima was lying in the marina on the right side of the picture. When entering Gibraltar, one needs to cross the airfield first. It feels strange to cross an airstrip on foot. Several times a day it is then closed for a landing or start of an airplane.


The hike itself is beautiful, but also steep at times.



And then we finally made it.



The views from up here are spectacular (Morocco in the background).


Macaque apes live up here. And some say that as long as the apes live up here, Gibraltar will remain British…


And although it is forbidden to feed them we are sure that some part of their food has been carried up the rock by humans …


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