Leaving home for a life on a sailboat

After about three years of preparations, the day had come, at least for Ela, to leave our nice an cosy home and to embark on a new adventure. So we packed up all the stuff that we had into boxes and moved most of them to Ela’s parents (thank you so much!!! – we promise to to come back one day to collect it again). Thanks also to Martin for joining us on our over-night moving-action…

We also packed two big bags and distributed our over-weight equally among all our bags in the hope that each bag would just pass at the check-in and we wouldn’t have to pay extra (it worked, although our strategy was discovered quickly by the nice lady at the check-in).

2 thoughts on “Leaving home for a life on a sailboat

  1. liebe Ela, lieber Bernie
    Wir wünschen euch einen guten Start, genügend Wind und starke Nerven, für was immer auf euch zukommt. Gotti und (“)

    1. Vielen Dank! Jetzt sind wir ja schon mal zu zweit auf dem Boot und das ist das Wichtigste 🙂
      Schön, dass ihr unseren Blog verfolgt!!

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