Chapter Nine: Habemus Mastum!!!

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Unbelievable but true: On the 21st of July we finally managed to get the mast and the new shiny rig back on Naïma. What a long time it has been and just how good it felt to give Naïma her sailing-dignity back. Many people had asked me what happened with my boat because they didn’t […]

Chapter Seven: Bernie’s holidays

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Bernie came over from the Netherlands for some toilet-cleaning holidays. Again, like last time he was over, we got a huge deal of stuff done. The work was pretty exhausting because of the heat, but it felt great to move on so much faster being two instead of one. If you wanted to pull a […]

Chapter Four: Champaign at work

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Thanks God that I had some visitors who didn’t only come for vacation, but also for some manual-labour-adventures. Lea, a co-worker from my past life and very good friend, came to visit. We spent an impeccable time together, combining hard boat-work with fun relaxation activities. Lea was a very good help and didn’t mind sitting […]