Chapter One: My new floating home and deals with cockroaches

Y’all deserve an update!

It’s been quite some time since we last gave you some news on what’s going on in Almerimar. I figured, you’d probably be curious and so I decided to give you a little update on our projects. Here it goes in nine chapters.

After our nice and smooth sail to Almerimar, Bernie and Mani left to go back to their respective lives and jobs in the Netherlands and in Switzerland. I was left with Naïma and a big To-Do list. The first few days alone on the boat I was feeling a bit lonesome: It was windy and raining at the Costa del Sol and I took some time to adapt to the fact that my home was in constant motion. Every day I would check the lines to be sure that I’m moored alright and that Naïma wouldn’t be smashed against the wall of the harbour.

My new floating home (this time with sunshine):


View from the deck:


I’m moored right next to the “Torre de Control”:


In the mornings I would take my bike (thanks Goood I have one, really gets me around a lot quicker), make a quick-stop at the shower, then eat some breakfast and sort out my priorities. In the morning-showers, my best friends – a family of cockroaches – would welcome me. I did have quite a good deal with them though: As soon as I got in, we would all have the shock of our lives. Then, they would all run to one shower and I would quietly choose the other one as my shower of preference. Just like that we got along perfectly. Another thing I had to get used to, was that Mario’s Bar just in front of my boat wasn’t only a Tapas Bar, but a Karaoke bar, where people would get drunk and sing until 4 in the morning. This was only on the weekends though.

But back to my priorities: I did know that I would have 3 months to get the boat ready for our grand departure. Things like changing our rig, sorting out the pounding sound of our propeller, find a solution for our fridge which is currently on our navigation-seat, pimping the energy-system to be self-sustainable, fixing our rudder etc. etc. etc.

Honestly, I didn’t have a clue where to start, nor did I have any know-how whatsoever about how these things were done. So I got a lot of help from cruisers who have a lot of experience. One of them, Jacques, has given me wise advice: Make one to-do list for now and one for when you’re sailing. And: get sailing as soon as possible.

Learning heaps from experienced sailors like Jacques:


The never-ending to-do list:


… and so much stuff to discover:


… and in the evenings I would go for a stroll along the beach:



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    1. Well well, it’s not like I had a choice… as long as they’re not in my boat, I’m as happy as can be 🙂 🙂

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