Chapter Two: Demastification – taking Naïma’s dignity

We decided to work together with Andy, the local rigger in Almerimar, to get the whole rig replaced. Luckily, we could schedule to take the mast down during the week when Bernie was over – so we could take all mast-related decisions together and work hard to get the mast-work sorted. We would bike around the harbour from our mooring to the mast every day to get new cables through, re-arrange the halyard-system, service the mast-winches, replace all navigation lights with LED’s to save energy and so on. The plan was to get the rig done, the mast ready and put it up at the end of the week – a plan that was deemed to fail. No offense to ourselves, but that was wishful thinking there. Nothing worked out as planned, everything took longer than expected and we finally had the mast up two months later. In between there was a long period of time, where we were impatiently waiting for some spare-parts to arrive. Which they did – but of course they were the wrong dimension. So this was followed by another desperate waiting-period and some non-turning sheaves on the top of the mast that were litterally driving all of us crazy.

Nightshift before mast-down-day, disconnecting all the cables that go through the mast:



Taking the sails down:


Getting ready to document it all with our gopro:


Last happy picture with mast up:


Andy heating up the bottle-screws so that they would come off:


Labelling the shrouts to have the dimensions for the new rig:


Andy on the mast, preparing:



Flying mast:


Happy that everything went fine:


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