Chapter Five: Sweat, tears and sleepless nights

Sometimes I would wake up at night and find my head calculating costs and contemplating forgotten to-dos, which of course makes no sense at all if you want to sleep. All the bills and necessary investments just kept piling up and I couldn’t really see an end to it. I have to say, there were some quite desperate periods where I would say to myself: Is this all worth it? Are we actually going to like the cruising life or are we getting ourselves into an adventure that won’t be worth it in the end? Sometimes I would even call up Bernie in tears, telling him that I’m the wrong person for this and that I’m not apt to do any of this manual boat work at all (after all I’m a political scientist and wasn’t born with a screwdriver or a hammer in my cradle). Bernie gave me a huge support and would always encourage me through the distance – telling me that it would all be fine and that he was really proud of all the manly work I was getting done. He’s quite an awesome boyfriend, having so much work to finish in the Netherlands and still being so involved in our project, talking to me basically every day and listening to my frequent grumpiness about nothing at all.


stayin’ strong and continuing my manly labour:


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