Chapter Seven: Bernie’s holidays

Bernie came over from the Netherlands for some toilet-cleaning holidays. Again, like last time he was over, we got a huge deal of stuff done. The work was pretty exhausting because of the heat, but it felt great to move on so much faster being two instead of one. If you wanted to pull a cable or a hose through, you actually had someone on the other side to help you. And yep, the hoses have been cleaned. Bernie a.k.a. Mr. Clean has done an excellent job in fixing both our toilets, which were quite clogged. Taking out the hoses was a nasty nasty job that he fulfilled without complaining!! Chapeau Captn!





Other than toileting, we also started tackling our rudder-issue and changed our cutlass bearing (which keeps our propeller in place and was the reason why our engine made weird noises). We got some very competent help from Frank, the local engine-expert.


Dropping the rudder so we can change the bushing that’s completely jammed:




Testing our solar-cells:IMG_1161


Sanding our hull and getting poisonous antifouling all over my skin:IMG_1175


2 thoughts on “Chapter Seven: Bernie’s holidays

    1. Liebe Elsbeth! Schön dich unter unseren Lesern zu haben!! Ein grosser Teil der Arbeit ist schonmal hinter uns und wir sind in der Geniessphase angekommen – im weisen Wissen, dass uns die Bootsarbeiten auf unserer ganzen Reise treue Begleiter sein werden. Finden das aber auch ganz cool, mal nicht nur zu denken sondern auch zu machen.
      Liebe Grüsse in die Schweiz von uns beiden!

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