Chapter Six: Varadero lifestyle and love-making dogs in the Wild West

In July the time of the Varadero has come. After a sleepless stormy night, the wind had stopped blowing exactly at 8 o’clock, so that I could smoothly motor over to the travel-lift, where Naïma was to be taken out of the water. Having never done such a thing, I organised some help by a very friendly swiss couple who came and did the lines while I steered the boat.




The Marineros from the Varadero came to fix Naïma steady in place and give her a nice wash. As soon as everything was settled I slept the whole afternoon, because I was so exhausted. When I woke up I found that a whole new world of boat-work was waiting for me: the underwater-world. Sanding, antifouling, fixing the rudder, fixing propeller-bearings, through-hulls, toilets etc. were waiting for me.


Hope that’s a sound foundation for my home that weighs about 10 tons 🙂


Taken the second dignitiy of Naïma: after the mast, we’ve also taken the water from underneath of her. Poor boat:


My first night on the varadero, it rained and the atmosphere was quite spooky (again: new arrival). There was sand everywhere, some left-alone boats and not so many people. There were two dogs though and they were definitely enjoying their love-live. They would take turns on who gets to be on top – I think they were just working on their seduction-skills. This could go on and on, day after day, with quite some howling involved. And there I was, shamelessly watching this entertaining spectacle on my sand-coated dirt-boat J

Talking about animals, the cockroaches on the varadero aren’t very well behaved: The deal I had with a cockroach-family in the other shower (while still in the water) didn’t work here. Anytime I would try to scare them away they come running towards me. That’s honestly a strange behaviour.



What’s really nice on the varadero though is that after some weeks, we are becoming a very nice community of people walking around like Marsians and helping eachother out. There is no such thing as missing tools, because amongst 6 boats, we would be able to get every wish fulfilled. A small tin of special propeller-primer has been given from boat to boat, so that we could split costs. Whenever something exciting happens, like somebody just finished all the toilets or the antifouling, we would invite eachother over for a beer to celebrate. I really got into this, even though the amount of alcohol in my blood has increased quite steadily. Somehow we went from celebrating boat-successes to celebrating for the sake of celebrating and it seems that all of us are getting less and less work done because of the late-night activities.

Paella on the Varadero:


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