Chapter Eight: Getting adopted by the Oxalas

There was a period of about two weeks (that felt like years), when I basically got adopted by Adi and Irene, a really nice Swiss couple who is living on their boat „Oxala“ with their two kids (check out their blog: They couldn’t stand the thought of me spending my evenings eating Pesto-Spaghetti all by myself on the boat – so they invited me over for dinner literally every evening. They’re such an awesome family! I loved spending time with them and got a lot of help on my boat from Adi. Adi’s boat-fixing-skills are quite impressive: his engine had died over the winter so he just quickly bought a car-engine on ebay, got it delivered and adapted it to a marine-engine in a few weeks. Just like that.

After having spent such a nice time with my step-family, I came back to my varadero-community and was preparing for the next adventure: getting the mast back up.

The Oxalas:


Adi and his new engine (picture illegally stolen from the Oxala’s blog):

Adi Motor

Captain Yanis:IMG_1248

Bye bye Oxala! Fair winds!



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