Chapter Nine: Habemus Mastum!!!

Unbelievable but true: On the 21st of July we finally managed to get the mast and the new shiny rig back on Naïma. What a long time it has been and just how good it felt to give Naïma her sailing-dignity back. Many people had asked me what happened with my boat because they didn’t see a mast on it. I felt so relieved to have this chapter finished and to hear the dingling and dangling of all the lines and the whistling of the wind along the mast again. Something I would have never thought I’d miss :).

We finally decided to step the mast on the ground which worked out just fine. The reason being that our rigger wanted to go on vacation and that we hadn’t finished all of the work on the hull and rudder quite yet. I got 4 strong men to carry my mast with the help of a trolly and then spent quite some time finishing all the detail work on the mast until finally the crane arrived and Andy did his rigging-magic to put the mast back on. While the work was going on, all my new friends of the varadero were curiously watching the spectacle – some of them would turn up to warn me about all that could go wrong with this manoeuvre. „I’ve seen furlers split in half during this manoeuvre!“ – „oooh no, but the furlers should be put up seperately“ – „oooh, why are they putting the mast back down, what went wrong?“

But Andy knew exactly what he was doing and did a perfect job. He also advised me on what I should keep my eyes on in the next few months concerning the rig and told me to send him a picture of the mast when we go back to the water so that he could take a look at it and see if everything is still fine.


Preparations for the mast to go up:IMG_1270

And finally, we have our mast back:


8 thoughts on “Chapter Nine: Habemus Mastum!!!

    1. Hey Tommy, schön, dass Du unserem Blog folgst! Ja, ein Segelboot ohne Mast geht eigentlich gar nicht… es fühlt sich viel besser so an 😉 Liebe Grüsse!

        1. Hi Tommy, wir arbeiten hart dran… aber es gibt noch viele kleine und grössere Bootsprojekte… hoffentlich Ende August.
          LG 🙂

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