A new chapter begins

An incredible moment. For years I had been waiting for it to come. I have finally arrived on Naima. It was actually kind of unspectacular. I worked pretty hard in the Netherlands to get my work (almost) finished and then it was already the end of the month. I quickly organized a small good-bye party. We did the typical thing that we always do. First a borrel (the Dutch form of an aperitif), then some real food (yummy Injeera!!), and then the pub, this time the English pub at the corner that I have wanted to check out for some time already. Some good conversations and whiskeys later I found myself at home again (I have really awesome colleagues, just so this is noted here! I will miss you, well, a bit at least). Everything was already packed, the house empty and clean. Even no more internet. Strange feeling. I wasn’t really tired. Also, the whiskey was still fueling my energies. A look at the clock told me that I had 1:50h left until I had to get up again. So I forced myself to bed and slept a bit.
A blink of a moment later the alarm clock rang again. 4 AM. Usually, I do need my 8 hours of sleep. Not this time. But still, due to the little sleep everything was a bit mechanic then. I walked to the train station with my two bags – one in front and one on the back. I made it to Rotterdam Airport fine, had a last apple tart (mooi mooooi lekker Nederland!!) and then the plane took me to Malaga.
In Malaga I met our friend Andrea and we drove to the 180 km to my new tiny floating (well soon hopefully, we are still on the dry) home in the middle of Spain’s tomato growing desert, Almerimar. What a great start of a new adventure and even nicer as I could share it with Andrea.
So. The adventure has now officially started. I don’t think I have completely realized it yet. It still feels like the last times that I was here, which was all about getting as much work done within a week as possible and then flying back. So I guess I’ll realize that I am actually staying on board this time after a week when I don’t fly back… Let’s see. Here I am on Naima, Ela is super happy about that and I think we have great times ahead! Let the adventures begin…

4 thoughts on “A new chapter begins

  1. Liebe Daniela, lieber Bernie
    Zuerst das Wichtigste: Happy birthday! Liebe Daniela, wir wünschen dir alles, alles Gute für das kommende spannende und abenteuerliche Lebensjahr.
    Euch beiden gratulieren wir zu eurem Mut, das zu tun, was ihr euch gewünscht habt. Auch wenn es viele Fragezeichen, Unsicherheiten und Risiken beinhaltet. Wir drücken euch die Daumen, denken oft an euch und hoffen ein wenig, dass ihr irgendwann auch in Sardinien vorbeikommt.
    Seid herzlich umarmt Gotti und (“)

    1. Liebes Gotti und (¨)
      Vielen Dank für eure lieben Wünsche und den Kommentar auf unserer Webseite. Ich habe einen wunderschönen Geburtstag verbracht und habe mir, wie es sich gehört an einem Geburtstag, eine neue Frisur geleistet. Mit der Friseuse habe ich mich natürlich darüber unterhalten, dass ich das jeweils früher bei meinem lieben Götti gemacht habe. Wir sind hier auch weiterhin fleissig am Boot am schaffen und sind zuversichtlich, dass wir pünktlich auf den Besuch von Ruth, Reini und Rainer anfangs September lossegeln können… Liebe Grüsse von uns beiden und eine grosse Umarmung!

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