Back in the water and testsailing

After almost two months on the dry, our life in the sandy and dusty Varadero-environment has taken an end. We are finally back in the water and gave Naïma yet another part of her sailingboat-dignity back. Every now and then there’s a cool September-breeze reminding us that the super-hot summer months are slowly taking an end.

As soon as we were in the water, we had three visitors: My parents and Rainer, a very good friend of ours. I think they must have been quite shocked when they saw that our boat was still a construction site. But luckily they helped us during almost a week with our boat projects and so we moved on quite quickly with their help. The leaking toilet has been successfully fixed by Rainer (with me putting a champaign-cork from the outside to make sure we don’t flood the boat), the wind-instrument has been put and calibrated by my dad and the sails have been put.

When the wind was perfect we decided to go for a test-sail and anchor in the bay right outside the Marina. The sailing and anchoring went very smoothly and we enjoyed the fact that Naïma moves so gently through the sea. We spent a really quiet night anchoring and enjoying life.



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