Declaration of Independence

We can now officially and proudly say that we are energetically independent. It has taken some time to pimp our system, but finally we reached the point in which our energy consumption is totally covered by solar- wind- and waterpower. First of all, we installed all the solar panels that were on the boat on our arch. The previous owners only had them to put on the deck when they were on anchor and we thought it would be more practical to have them permanently mounted. We took some time to figure out a stable system but succeeded: after a tour to the local industrial area and some days of drilling holes into stainless steel we proudly mounted our new baby and plugged it in to the solar regulator. With a steady 8-9 amps load at peak times, we are very happy with it. Secondly, we installed a new regulator for our wind-generator. This only really gives energy in stormy conditions though. Our watergenerator keeps working without having to do anything (this is the kind of system we like). It gives us about 4 amps when we are sailing and can nicely compensate for the autopilot which is on at the same time. Vicky, our battery monitor, controls the whole system and tells us exactly how much we are producing and consuming. Next to those renewables, we also fixed the alternator of our engine, so that it can save us if we ever do run out of energy.

Newest addition to our energy family: Dr. Volt!! He’s been programmed by Bernie and helps Vicky supervise our batteries. By the way: If you’re asking yourself, yes we are giving names to all our systems, but don’t worry, we’re fine.

Building the support for our solar-panels, 3 days of drilling holes into stainless steel:


… pulling through cables:


Proudly presenting: our solar mount on the arch:


Spending moments of uncertainty, not knowing if energy will ever come back to us:


Eating pizza on the floor because our boat is a MESSSSS!!



Breaking two old wind-regulators and finally installing a new one:


2 thoughts on “Declaration of Independence

  1. Almost as complex as when I’m modelling electricity of entire countries ;-), cool that it works!
    Given that the watergenerator is your favourite, does that mean we should create a new type of renewables: unmanned boats driving forth and back from the wind, with big water generators… 🙂

    1. Thanks, yes, really cool that it works. And the hydrogenerator is our main source if electricity at night. Much better investment than the wind generator… Anyway, we should test your idea together under the influence of some Caribbean rum…

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