Roadtrippin’: Cabo de Gata, Sierra Nevada and Granada

After some intensive boat-work days and some nice days sailing with our visitors, we decided to treat them and ourselves to a break. We rented a car and went to see Cabo de Gata, a natural park very close by with gorgeous beaches in a desert-like environment. Bernie and I enjoyed taking a break and seeing something completely different than boat, boat, boat, water, non-working systems, trouble (don’t take this personally Naïma, but you do need a lot of attention).

A few days later, after having said goodbye to Rainer, we decided undertake another road-trip through the Alpujarras, the Sierra Nevada and to Granada. We spent some quality time together and enjoyed the fresh air of the mountains. Some impressions for you below.

Now Bernie and I are back on Naïma, still in Almerimar, fixing the last non-working stuff on Naïma and almost ready to take off. Hopefully soon 🙂

Cabo de Gata:


img_1651_small $img_1674_small

On our way through the Alpujarras to Granada:


Some party we encountered on the way:

img_1753_small img_1754_small

Thousands of hams hanging from the ceiling in Trevelez, the Jamon-capitol:


Bernie enjoying his Naïma-free time:


Discovering Granada, again:

img_1855_small img_1882_small img_1927_small

Impressive desert landscape on our way back home to Almerimar:

img_2042_small img_2067_small

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