Rudy the troublemaker

Let me introduce you to Rudy. He’s actually a fine guy who takes responsibilities in life. But watch it, he’s got a character as well. Lately he gets these moods that we don’t understand. We’ve treated him with every possible luxury: We gave him nice peelings, oil massages, Spa-treatments… Yet, all he does is complain, moan and squeak.

Anyways, as you can see, our rudder-problem-puzzle goes on. After having changed one bearing, the top-bearing was still making troubles. These troubles we can currently solve by spraying WD-40 into the rudder shaft to lubricate it and make it go smoother. But episode two of Rudy the troublemaker involves much more: Our steering pedestal. Since there was too much play in the steering pedestal and a lot of rust coming out from under it, we decided to start a new Rudy-adventure which is: taking the whole pedestal apart and replacing the bearings inside of it. As you can see, a never ending story :). But we are happy to have decided to do it, because it’s definitely one of the pretty central things in life to have a working rudder and steering system, right?


Giving Rudy a peeling with some sandpaper:


Bernie dropping the ruddershaft with the help of a hydraulic jack:

img_1415_small img_1427_small img_1436_small

Bernie playing guitar on our steering pedestal. No more steeringwheel on Naïma


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