We never thought that we’d polish our rigging…

Polishing your rigging is really something that only people with an acute cleanliness syndrome do… or at least so we thought. But sailing (or preparing your boat for sailing) can teach you a lesson or two. As we told you in one of our previous posts, we just got a whole new standing rigging, so it should twinkle and shine. It didn’t, however. Why? Because of this thing called flash rust. How did this get into our rigging? After all, it is made of stainless (rust-free) steel. However, even stainless steel can corrode given the right (or wrong) circumstances. During the time we were standing on the dry, the wind blew tiny particles with rust and other metals into our rigging and so our entire rigging looked terribly rusty – despite being brand new. Flash rust doesn’t affect the strength of the rigging, but it is certainly not healthy to leave it for a long time as it offers a surface for further rusting. And it looks ugly.


Flash rust on our rigging…


Several people told us that we can use acid (e.g. phosphoric acid) to get rid of the rust and then use some metal polish to prevent future flash rust. And so we did. But it was once again more work than expected. We first had to use acid to get rid of the rust, then water to get rid of the acid, and then the polish to prevent future rusting (hopefully). Multiply this by 15 stays and shrouts and here you go: again two full days of work. By the fourth time I winched Ela up into the mast, it felt like Naima was mocking us by turning herself into a floating fitness center. But to be honest, I had the easy task. Ela had to deal with the acid while hanging 15 m above Naima’s deck, holding herself with hands and feet to reach all the metal wires. We did enjoy this work though, after all, Ela had a fantastic view up there and we were finally working on deck and not heads down in some remote corner of Naima’s stomach. And we learned that people that polish their rigging might not be that weird after all…





Water is definitely nicer to handle than acid…

And finally I also got to go up the mast to clean the hanks… (the gliders along the mast that allow the main sail to be hoisted)


Our view up there was fantastic!


6 thoughts on “We never thought that we’d polish our rigging…

  1. Liebe Ela, lieber Bernie
    da bin ich aber schon froh, dass ich weiss, dass du Ela diese rigging Putzerei heil überstanden hast. Das sieht ja echt spektakulär aus. Zum Glück habe ich das nicht live miterleben müssen. Ich wäre seekrank geworden allein vom Zuschauen.
    Grosse Umarmung Mami

  2. Liebe Ela, lieber Bernie
    Wir freuen uns über jedes Bild und jede Zeile. So können wir auch ein wenig an eurem Abenteuer teilnehmen.
    Wir wünschen euch weiterhin guten Wind, spannende Begegnungen und natürlich, dass ihr gesund und fit bleibt.
    Herzlich Gotti und (“)

    1. Danke liebes Gotti und (¨). Wir freuen uns sehr, wenn wir Rückmeldung bekommen auf das was wir schreiben. Sehr schön zu hören, dass ihr euch über unsere Beiträge freut! Wir sind jetzt auf den Kanaren und haben schon wieder neue Beiträge in petto und viel erlebt… Es wird spannend :). Liebe Grüsse und grosse Umarmung an euch beide, Ela und Bernie

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