Atlantic here we come!

After a nice and relaxing week in Barbate, it was time to set sail again. This time we were joined by Moritz and his dad, Helmut. Moritz is guilty for introducing us to sailing on a very nice two-week sailing-trip in beautiful Greece, so it was an honour to have him aboard Naïma!!

Packed with loads of fresh veggies, fruits, snacks and drinks, we left Barbate, thirsty for new adventures. Right at the beginning, we had the strong winds of Gibraltar in front of us and wisely put only our small cutter-sail. We were well prepared for a pretty rocky first day of sailing and wanted to take advantage of the good winds that literally pushed us away from Europe towards the Atlantic. During the first night, we decided to do double-night shifts (i.e. with two people awake) because of the strong wind and waves and for the rest of the trip we did our night shifts alone. With four people, this allowed us to get 6 hours of sleep at a time, which was luxurious. Still, I have to say that I found it a pretty exhausting rhythm, especially the first few days.

After a speedy start, the wind started to calm down little by little until the point where we decided to turn the engine on. And we reached that point several times on our trip. The light winds also allowed us to test our lightwind-sail, which was great!

The best thing about this first longer trip was that we got to know Naïma a lot better than before – with the help of two good friends and experienced sailors. We sailed her cutter-sail in windy conditions, optimized our mainsail reefing-system (a way to reduce our sail-area), learned how she reacts to waves and most of all: we got to know the sense of humour of our autopilot (post coming soon).

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