ST 7000 – Sailing with the beep

You turn it on. It beeps loudly and you have a flashback to the two days you sailed with the beep from Gibraltar to Estepona. You decide this can’t be now. You ask someone downstairs to please turn the main switch off and on again whilst you crouch down holding the button „Standby“ upstairs (to prevent it from losing its memory). It beeps. Since the person downstairs doesn’t see you, you shout down „AGAIN“. Same procedure. It beeps. You scream „AGAIN“. It beeps shortly and then stops. Suspeeensseee. Success, the autopilot is now on Standby mode. You have made it to the second level. The second person stands up, looks at you, unsure how long this game might go on and you give a short but unconvinced „ok“ sign. You hear the sails flap, you lost course. You steer back to course. If anything, the autopilot now displays on its screen ST 7000, ST 7000 – you imagine it hitting its head repeatedly telling itself „it’s all going to be fine, I know who I am, I know who I am, I’m ST 7000…“. This is good, very good, it’s a sign of its memory coming back. Back on course you put it on auto. It beeps. You’re losing patience and course again. You shout downstairs „AUTOPILOT, AGAIN“, the sails are beating, the other person gets up, changes the switch while you press standby. Oh wonder, it works, all is fine, you press on auto and the autopilot takes over, provided the steering wheel was in the exact straight position. Now it could go on for hours and hours, unless of course, you want even just the slightest change of course. All you have to remember then is the following rule: it has an aversion against the button -1° so you have to go for -10° and then 9 times +1°. Now sit back and relax as you see ST 7000 doing its magic and steering you through the oceans!

Got it? Congratulations, you’re the master of the autopilot!

2 thoughts on “ST 7000 – Sailing with the beep

  1. Ihr lieben Beiden,
    ich folge mit großem Interesse Eurer Reise, auch wenn ich nicht alles verstehe, so wie z.B. dieses. Macht nichts. Es macht aber richtig Spaß. Man sieht Euch auf jeden Fall auf jedem Bild an, wie glücklich Ihr seid.
    Liebe Grüße – ich finde diese Art der Kommunikation sowie faszinierend – Marianne

    1. Liebe Marianne,
      Mach dir keine Sorgen, wir verstehen es ja selber auch nicht. Alles was wir wissen, ist dass unser Autopilot ein Eigenleben führt :). Ich würde da sagen, einfach fleissig weiterlesen und wir freuen uns auch immer über Kommentare und Feedback.
      Liebe Grüsse von uns beiden aus Gran Tarajal (Fuerteventura)

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