Our way to Gran Canaria: The wind is making fun of us!

It was time to say goodbye to Gran Tarajal and sail to Gran Canaria. We spent a quiet night at anchor in the bay of Gran Tarajal before leaving. Early in the morning we started our sail to the south of the island where we wanted to anchor another night. After a good afternoon of sailing, the wind slowed down and whispered „turn on the engine if you want to get there by daylight“. We listened to it and just at the very moment we surrendered and turned the engine on, it started blowing again, down the mountains, like from nowhere. „Just kiddin’“ the wind said and we continued with a steady 7 knots for another two hours and anchored with the last daylight. During the night, the mountain-gusts continued and I didn’t find the sleep very relaxing (which sleep?). Later, a neighbour arrived at the anchorage who accompanied us the next day to Las Palmas. The sail to Las Palmas was steadier, but somewhat uncomfortable because the waves came from the side and the wind was just enough to keep the sails up.
When we got to Las Palmas in the dark, we proudly announced our arrival on VHF channel 11 to the Marina. All they had to say was: „No Madam, you cannot enter the Marina. We are completely full. You must wait at the anchor“ – ignoring the fact that I was talking Spanish to them. And so we did. With another 50 boats. The anchorage gave us time to discuss, plan, cook, eat, relax and every now and again exchange a few swear-words with the Marina-office. After 5 days, we were lucky enough to enter the Marina and first thing on the list was to meet Christina, a good childhood friend of mine and her little girl, Elina who spent their vacation on the island.

3 thoughts on “Our way to Gran Canaria: The wind is making fun of us!

  1. Wow was für ein Abenteuer!!!!
    Wir wünschen euch ein glückliches, gesundes und unglaublich spanendes Jahr 2017!
    Tolle Fotos und Beiträge… Macht viel Freude euch bei eurem Segel Abenteuer zu folgen
    Habt ihr schöne Pläne für Juli?

    Liebe Grüße von Benita und Familie

    1. Hey Benita!Danke, wir wünschen euch dreien auch Alles Gute fürs 2017 und viel Spass! Wir haben natürlich noch keine klaren Pläne für Juli aber sind dann wieder irgendwo in europäischen Gewässern unterwegs.Liebe Grüsse von Bernie und Ela

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