Upwind island-hopping

After a few weeks in Grenada it was time to move on. Theoretically the plan was to get to Carriacou as next destination. It did take us three tries (i.e. three entire days…) to get there, although it’s not a very long sail. Ok, let me explain that a bit closer here. Coming from the Atlantic, we felt like sailors of steel and thought that the easy daytime sailing would be like chocolate cookies and icecream for us. Noope, not the case here. The moment we decided to make landfall in Grenada, we also decided to do a substantial part of the Caribbean upwind. And sailing against the wind is a lot less comfortable than the downwind sailing on the Atlantic. Anyways, so we started from Grenada the first time and turned back just a few hours later, noticing that the little sleep we had gotten the night before wouldn’t be enough to get us through a tiring upwind-day. Second time we left and by the time we got out of the wind-shade from the island and saw how Naïma was beating against the waves out there we decided to turn back again and wait for a better weather window. Also, I kind of did forget to close the front hatch and flooded our front cabin with salt water that day. Well, not entirely, but our matresses got soaked. We rinsed them with fresh water and spent a good 10 days drying them… Ok, third time’s approaching. The third time we mentally prepared like sailor-warriors for our little day trip and were ready to take it. We woke up at 6 to get started at 7, wind direction and speed were promising and off we went without any trouble, arriving at Carriacou long before sunset, relieved to know that after all, we were able to do some upwind sailing.
From Carriacou we left directly to Chatham Bay on Union Island the next day, which several sailor-friends had recommended to us. It has become one of our favourites, a very quiet beach with nice snorkeling spots and an island that is easy to discover by foot. We took a scenic walk from Chatham Bay to the other side of the island to officially check in to St. Vincent and the Grenadines at the airport. Overtime (e.g. during national hero’s day, when we arrived) is paid here directly by the customer, and definitely not cheap! We spent a few very quiet days at anchor there and then moved on to Palm Island where we would spend one day and night and discovered an island full of palm trees. Coconut-John rented this island for 99 years from the government of St. Vincent in the 60’s, started planting palm trees like a maniac and built a really chique and nice resort here. Like paradise, but private, but who cares – we went there anyways and enjoyed it a lot. We didn’t steal any coconuts, just in case you wondered. Up next: the Tobago-Cays, one of our Caribbean highlights so far, where we did well… find… a coconut.

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