Tobago Cays – Where the turtles hatch

After our discovery of Coconut John’s little palm island, we sailed up to the Tobago Cays. The Tobago Cays are a marine park with four picturesque little islands and beautiful turquoise waters between them. It’s an ideal place for snorkeling and enjoying the timeless island-feeling. Our daily activities were snorkeling, drinking self-made fruit smoothies, discovering unknown islands and eating overpriced but really yummie banana-bread that the boat-boys sold off their boats. We anchored right behind the edge of the reef. This felt adventurous because the reef was the only thing protecting us from the Atlantic waves and still anchoring was nice and peaceful. Of course we weren’t the only ones who knew about this quiet hideaway, it has become a must-stop for any sailor, be it cruisers or charter-crews.
Bernie and I are both passionate snorkelers and were eager to discover the underwater world of the horseshoe reef and the many turtles that live in these waters. We saw many of them, so elegantly swimming through the reef that I thought they looked like they were flying. I even saw a mommy and baby-turtle, one of the cutest things I ever saw snorkeling. Other than turtles, we saw big black and blue sting rays, many cute fish and beautiful corals and also: a barracuda who fell in love with Naïma. After our daily snorkeling, coming back to Naïma he would be there waiting to greet us. He was either protecting the boat from invaders or just loved the fact to have some quiet space with Naïma protecting him from above. Even though approaching him to get to our boat felt scary we just kept to the recommendation not to move swiftly and so he didn’t feel threatened by us. Good thing, because I wouldn’t have wanted to be bit by it.
One day we took our dinghy and went outside the reef to the little island Petit Tabac. This is the place where Captain Jack Sparrow got put ashore and was left to his fate. We were the only people there and enjoyed this beautiful little island to ourselves. To our big disappointment, we did not find the rum depot that we had seen in the movie. Instead, we found a coconut and so the program of the afternoon was to open it, drink its milk and eat its flesh. We succeeded using prehistoric tools (Bernie did!) – forget about machetes, try using stones and shells – that’s fun! Kind as we are, we shared it with the inhabitants of the islands: little coconut-crabs that just looove to eat coconut. Up next: Our sail to Bequia and St. Lucia.

3 thoughts on “Tobago Cays – Where the turtles hatch

  1. Liebe Ela, lieber Bernie
    Wunderbar, diese Bilder! Wir staunen und freuen uns, euch aus der Ferne ein wenig begleiten zu dürfen.
    Mached’s guet und hebed öi Sorg!
    Gotti und (“)

  2. Na, da hat sich die weite Reise doch gelohnt! Sieht nach einem Paradies aus! Ich würde gerne mit euch tauschen. Hier schneit es heute, Ende April!

    1. Hey Anne! Schön von dir zu hören!! Ja die Reise hat sich auf alle Fälle gelohnt und wir geniessen die Karibik in vollen Zügen. Schnee und etwas Abkühlung wäre aber zwischendurch auch ganz schön… Geniess den Schweizer Frühling und bis bald wieder.

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