Preparing Our Second Atlantic Crossing

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Boat work is exhausting! And especially with an ocean crossing coming up, you want everything to be in order and want to do a thorough job, so it’s even more exhausting. We spent three weeks in St. Martin, getting Naïma ready for the passage to the Azores. We worked like crazy from morning to evening […]

The Long Road to Codrington – Barbuda

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Imagine Barbuda like a very flat island with a beautiful lagoon in the middle, crystal clear water and kilometers of white sandy beaches. We decided that even though it was getting late and we still had some boat work to be done, we definitely didn’t want to skip this beautiful island. We arrived after a […]

Unintended Regatta-sailing in Antigua

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When we arrived in Antigua, the Antigua sailing week had just started. This event brings together all the speedy sailors in the Caribbean for an unforgettable week of Regatta-sailing. As we don’t really consider ourselves to be fast sailors, we didn’t intend to take part in the Regatta – until later on. We mingled with […]

Holidaying with friends in Guadeloupe

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Our friends Ogi and Elena came to visit us. We already conquered the seas of Greece and Croatia with them and now it was time for a Caribbean revival. After some minor logistical challenges (like figuring out where and when to meet), we met on the French islands „Iles Saintes“ just North of Dominica. There, […]