Preparing Our Second Atlantic Crossing


Boat work is exhausting! And especially with an ocean crossing coming up, you want everything to be in order and want to do a thorough job, so it’s even more exhausting. We spent three weeks in St. Martin, getting Naïma ready for the passage to the Azores. We worked like crazy from morning to evening and even hauled Naïma out of the water. Sadly, when hauling out, we had to say goodbye to our Guadeloupian zebra-fish and even more sadly some of them died in the pocess. They really had become somewhat a family to us and we were astonished at how far they sailed along with us. We managed to save ninja shrimp though, he survived it and is now living in the lagoon of St. Martin together with the rest of our dearly beloved zebra-family.
To reward ourselves after our boatworking days, we would go to the neighboring fuel-station, where some yachties met every night and treat ourselves to an ice-cream and a beer. There, we also met our friend Michel, who treated us to some absolutely delicious lobster. Thank you Michel! Even though the work was hard on us, we are happy to have sorted out quite some issues on the boat like our autopilot problem and a new cutless bearing (and sooo many other things) and we also hope that Naïma will run fast and smooth with the new layer of antifouling on her belly.
The good thing about St. Martin was to see our friends again whom we got to know on our way here. We met Karl from Damisa who is sailing along with us since Barbate and our friends Martin and Eva from sailing vessel Emil. We spent some really great moments together until the Emils left two weeks earlier than us for the Azores.
When you read this blog, we will already be on our way to the Azores. Another crossing lays ahead of us and we will try to give you an update on the blog via our Iridium Go!. The pictures will have to wait until we arrive though ☺

4 thoughts on “Preparing Our Second Atlantic Crossing

  1. Liebe Daniela, lieber Bernie, so viele eindrückliche Fotos, unglaublich was ihr alles erlebt! Herzliche Gratulation zur ersten Überquerung und alles, alles Gute für die Zweite! Ganz liebe Grüsse aus London, Lea

    1. Danke Lea! Wir sind nach 24 Tagen auf See gut in Horta angekommen und geniessen es jetzt, die Beine etwas zu vertreten :). Liebe Grüsse von uns beiden!

  2. Vil Froid uf oiere zweite Überqueerig!
    Mir sind über Pfingste bide Ruth und em Reini gsi und hend chli Noiigkeite ghört vo oi 🙂
    Toi Toi Toi!

    Liebi Grüäss

    1. Liebi Anna-Patrizia. Merci für dini liäbe Wünsch… Mir händs gnosse ufem Atlantik und sind geschter ufdä Azorä aacho. Zerschmal richtig schön duregschlafe und scho Muskelkater vom zude Bar laufä und zrugg. LG vo eus beidä

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