The Long Road to Codrington – Barbuda


Imagine Barbuda like a very flat island with a beautiful lagoon in the middle, crystal clear water and kilometers of white sandy beaches. We decided that even though it was getting late and we still had some boat work to be done, we definitely didn’t want to skip this beautiful island. We arrived after a nice day-sail from Antigua and looked for an anchorage that would have the advantage of being close to a reef and close to a coconut-tree. We succeeded with both. For Bernie and me, the days we spent in Barbuda felt like an extended farewell-ceremony from the Caribbean as it was our second to last stop before St. Martin where we essentially were expecting to prepare for the crossing to the Azores.
The first few days at anchor we felt like we had the island to ourselves. Our own coconut tree was feeding us, the reef was entertaining us and the Guadeloupian zebra-fish that lived in Naïma’s belly were enjoying the clear water as much as we did.
Next to all the joys of this island, there is also a big challenge involved in visiting it: „How do we get to Codrington?“. We have been asking ourselves this question and even changed anchorage twice, in order to find the best starting-point for the voyage to Codrington. Codrington is Barbuda’s beating heart, the center of the action. Being the only village on the island, it’s also the place where we needed to go in order clear out of the country Antigua and Barbuda. We went to shore with the bikes in our dinghy, positive that we would find some kind of dirt-road where we could bike. Wrong. No road. So we changed plans and after quite a moment of hesitation, we decided to try and walk around the lagoon, thinking there would surely be a path. Wrong. No path. But we did make our way, walking most of the time inside the lagoon and having some scared wild donkeys show us the way. Two hours later we arrived, and the Customs office was: closed (although it was supposed to be open). Luckily, the villagers were all very helpful and helped us call the Customs officer and the Migration officer to tell them we were waiting for them. A few walks between Customs and Migration later, we had the desired stamps in our passports and were lucky enough to find a boat-taxi that would take us across the lagoon for a very affordable price. He even included a tour to the fregat-birds in the north of the island, since he already had guests on board who booked that tour. Our Codrington adventure was complete when we came back to our Dinghy and our loved Naïma, knowing that our last fun days in the Caribbean were taking an end.

4 thoughts on “The Long Road to Codrington – Barbuda

  1. Hej ihr zwei!
    da scrolle ich unschuldig durch meine Facebookseite und stosse auf Fotos von euch zwei Abenteurern in der Karibik. Ich bin ein bisschen neidisch. Oh, ist schon vorbei! Ich bin mega stolz auf euch, dass ihr euren Plan umgesetzt habt! Und ich freue mich, dass ihr mit eurem tollen Schiff euren Traum lebt. Enjoy! and safe journey home!
    Liebe Grüsse

    1. Hey Katharina! Schön von dir zu hören und dass du unsere Webseite entdeckt hast! Wir sind wieder in europäischen Gewässern angekommen. Vorbei ists aber noch nicht, wir haben noch viel vor, bis wir wieder zurück sind. Stay tuned. Liebe Grüsse

  2. Eeeela!!!
    Alles Liebi zum Geburtstag.
    So schön dich so glücklich z gseh! Wünsche eu no ganz vill Spass und villi unvergässlichi Momänt. Wär schön dich mal wieder z gseh…
    Umarmig, dini Ariane

    1. Ariaaaaanneeee! Schön vo dir zghöre und danke fürd Geburiwünsch! Münd eus dänn bald mal wieder träffe in Züri oder Berlin. Umarmig zrugg, Ela

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