Unintended Regatta-sailing in Antigua


When we arrived in Antigua, the Antigua sailing week had just started. This event brings together all the speedy sailors in the Caribbean for an unforgettable week of Regatta-sailing. As we don’t really consider ourselves to be fast sailors, we didn’t intend to take part in the Regatta – until later on.
We mingled with the Regatta sailors during the evening activities and concerts which took place in the premises of the legendary Nelson’s Dockyard at English Harbour. This well protected historical site was once a British Navy Base and today displays restored buildings from the colonial period of the dockyard. Partying in this UNESCO Heritage site had definitely a special feel to it, even though we missed the free rum at happy hour twice. After some yummie provisioning at the local market – fresh fruit and veggies – we were looking forward to sailing to Barbuda.
As we lifted the anchor we did realise that quite some boats were just leaving for the day’s Regatta sail. We figured it would be nice to see some of it on our way to Barbuda. And we did! Coming out of the bay, we saw approximately 100 boats racing just in front of our nose. Although we tried and take as much distance as possible, we were suddenly right in the middle of the action. Boats were coming from left and right and we didn’t really know how to get out of their way until a guy from a racing boat shouted from just a few meters behind us „MOOOVEEE!!!“… He was definitely 10 times as fast as we were and would have been ready to speer Naïma if we didn’t follow his advice. Anything for victory! But did he realize that he was heading straight into a solidly built aluminium boat…? Anyway, we did get out of the situation and took the right turn, but not without a serious scare. Just a minute later, we found ourselves very close to a buoy that all regatta boats had to pass… it felt like a highway, only that we were riding a tractor… and we couldn’t really get out of the way as the reef was not far to the other side. At this point we were passing several boats with photographers with surprised to angry looks when we blocked their view on the carbon racers. Then we finally passed the buoy and got off the highway… Happy to have Naïma and ourselves in one piece, we then went on and sailed to Deep Bay in the North of Antigua where we did some wreck-snorkelling, before heading to Barbuda the next day.
Up Next: Follow us as we spend some absolutely beautiful days in Barbuda before getting on the long and weary road to Codrington to clear out of the island.

2 thoughts on “Unintended Regatta-sailing in Antigua

  1. Liebe Daniela. Deine Eltern sitzen bei uns in Bern am Tisch. Wir haben grad eure Segelroute studiert und mit Freude euren Text gelesen. Wir wünscheneuch ganz herzlich eine glückliche Überfahrt über das weite Meer und freuen uns mit euren Eltern, wenn ihr wieder heil an europäischen Gestaden ankommt. Herzlich grüsst euch
    Fritz und Regula

    1. Liebe Regula und lieber Fritz. Wir hatten eine gute Überfahrt und geniessen jetzt gerade wieder etwas “Landleben” auf den Azoren. Freut mich, euch unter den Bloglesern zu wissen :). Liebe Grüsse von uns beiden

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