Family-cruising in Britanny

The most wonderful thing about being closer to home is that people can easily come and visit. Our strategy was the following: We sailed directly from the Azores to Britanny, France to spend a whole month there, with an open invitation for friends and family to join us. My parents, Ruth and Reini, came to visit us for two weeks. All they had experienced so far from our life on Naïma was the very last, very stressful preparation time in Almerimar. Back then, their mission was to be our moral support back-office, cleaning for us, cooking for us, working on the boat with us and living on a very messy and dirty boat that never seemed to be ready. Now, a year later, it was time for them to join us on a sugar-sweet stressless sailing vacation in Northern France to see the other side of sailing-life. We sailed from Concarneau to Bénodet, then to the absolutely beautiful Îles de Glénan and finally to Loctudy and Audierne. Time went by much too quickly, but the experiences we got to share are never lost and will stay with us. I was proud to introduce my parents to all the sailing-tricks we had learned, to introduce them to our dolphin-friends, to share some beautiful nights at anchor and in the harbour and to light a spark of sailing-passion in their hearts. Take a look at the picture-gallery to get an impression on our jointly lived adventures.

4 thoughts on “Family-cruising in Britanny

  1. Lieber Bernie, liebe Daniela
    nochmals besten Dank für die Bilder und das Filmli der Regina in Aber Wrac’h. Es ist tatsächlich das erste Mal, dass wir die Regina beim Segeln von aussen sehen können.
    Wir sind nun gerade in Dieppe, warten hier auf Wind für die Strecke nach Boulogne und sind dann bald in Belgien und Holland. Den Sturm von letzter Woche haben wir in Le Havre ausgesessen.
    Mit den besten Grüssen
    Toni und Elisabeth, SV Regina

    1. Lieber Toni und liebe Elisabeth
      Schön dass euch die Fotos gefallen. Wow, ihr seid schon ganz schön weit gekommen. Wir haben den Sturm in Paimpol ausgessen. Hier regnet es ununterbrochen… Ausser heute: strahlend blauer Himmel. Machen uns wahrscheinlich am Dienstag auch ziemlich direkt auf den Weg Richtung Holland, aber die Pläne können sich ja bekannterweise noch ändern.
      Liebe Grüsse und gutes Weitersegeln
      Ela und Bernie

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