To the moon and back in four days

The same day my parents left, my sister Martina and her husband Michi joined us aboard Naïma. A bit nervous, because we hadn’t seen them for 1 ½ years, we went to pick them up at the bus-station in Audierne and greeted them with fresh oysters on our boat. Although we hadn’t seen eachother for quite a while, everything was like it always had been and they joined the team as though they belonged to the Naïma-crew since its beginnings. We first discovered the surroundings of Audierne by bike and started the next day for some river-cruising and a nice sail to the Île de Sein. Sailing in Britanny involves quite some planning as we always had to calculate the currents and tides. Passing the famous Raz de Sein was quite a task as we had to arrive there at exactly the right time, in order to have the current with us and not to be pushed back to the start by it. The next challenge was to find an anchorage at Île de Sein that wouldn’t fall dry. It took some time to make Martina and Michi understand that it’s not the usual procedure to take 2 hours to find an anchorage. Not having found any appropriate place to anchor, we finally moored up to a mooring that we found close to the harbour. The next day we went to discover the island with our dinghy before sailing to our next destination: Camaret sur Mer. Camaret is a nice little fisher-town close to Brest. The nearby cliffs and white sandy beaches made a very good destination for a day-hike. Amazing, all the great things we managed to do in only 4 days that we spent together!

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