Bernie lost a shoe in l’Aberwrac’h

When Mani and Elena announced that they would come to visit us, we knew that some action-filled and fun days were ahead of us. We already share many sailing-memories with Mani who learned sailing with us on the lake of Zurich, joined us for some legendary Greece- and Croatia-cruising and shoveled an impressive amount of Diesel out of our bilges the first time we tried to sail on Naïma. The two joined us in Camaret-sur-Mer and accompanied us to L’Aberwrac’h and Roscoff. After a snail-sail from Camaret to l’Aberwrac’h we decided to rent one of those faaast little catamarans just for fun. The contrast from Hobie-sailing to Naïma-sailing was impressive and I’m still astonished that we didn’t get a speeding-ticket from the local water-police. When Bernie steered, all you could hear was „Ready? Turn! Ready? Turn!“ – enjoying how easy tacking was with a Hobie-cat. Next day we went to rent Kayaks in order to slow down from our speed-trip. We even sighted some seals that were enjoying the sun on the rocks of the Aberwrac’h. We were decided to leave the next morning at 5 o’clock in the morning in order to have the current in our favour on the way to Roscoff. Just when we wanted to go to bed, Bernie realised that he had left his shoes in the dressing room of the watersports-centre. No way we could leave without them. First, of course, we tried to break into the dressing room – as you can imagine without great success. Then, Bernie went to ask around to see if anyone of the locals had the key. Negative. Finally, a really kind girl who was just having a beer at the local bar called the ex-director of the sailing-centre (at around 11pm) who didn’t make a fuss and came to open the door only a few minutes later. He was then of course invited for a beer in the legendary bar at l’Aberwrac’h that had a selection of an impressive amount of different beers. It seemed like our shoe-story provoked a sailing-centre reunion, because every person in the bar knew the kind ex-director and they started to tell the stories of when they learned sailing with him. We had a splendid time with the locals, got to bed kind of late but did manage to get up at 5 to sail to Roscoff. The sail to Roscoff was smooth and accompanied by a Sing-Song, featuring guitarist Manfredito!

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