Sailing where the rivers dry

Brittany is a place that has so much to offer: crude landscapes – shaped by the tidal coming and going of the sea, rough nature and rock-formations that are curved by the ceaseless flow of water and winds. Special to Brittany are also its beautiful rivers that you can sail – if you calculate the tides right. We did. Nevertheless, our way from Roscoff to our destination river-town Tréguier wasn’t that easy. We left Roscoff before first light to have the tide in our favor only to encounter quite unpleasant sea and wind conditions. After fighting our way and against sea-sickness for 6 hours or so we gave up on reaching our goal that day. Luckily, there was Trébeurden, a picturesque small town with a marina, almost halfway between Roscoff and Tréguier, where we found shelter for the night and enjoyed a beautiful sunset on pinkish rocks. The next day the conditions were much better and we sailed smoothly past the Pink Granite Coast and then up the river to Tréguier – a sweet little town with a nice Marina and an impressive cathedral. There, our sailor-friend Andrea joined us for the weekend. Andrea has played a very important role in our sailing-adventure because she is our medical emergency contact – luckily we have so far never had to call her. She helped us put together our emergency-kit and is always there for us, which is worth more than words can tell. Andrea joined us for a perfect sailing-day that lead us through shallow waters, down the river Tréguier, across funny rock-formations and up the next river, the Trieux. The sun was shining and it seemed the weather wanted to compete with the Caribbean (well… almost…). Andrea left us in Lézardrieux and we continued further up the river. Our goal was to get to Pontrieux, where we wanted to pick up Bernie’s Mom Isolde at the train-station. The only way to get there is with the rising tide in order to have the current with you and to get to the upper part of the river at high-tide. Great parts of the river actually fall dry during low-tide so you do have to make sure to calculate your day right and double-check. Everything went well and we had an absolutely wonderful motor-sail up the river. We also met Naïma’s little sister, a 28 foot Ovni with really nice owners (all Ovni-owners are nice, but these ones were especially nice).

Up next: We go to visit the Pink Granite cost and the beautiful Iles de Bréhat

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