Pink Granite and Disappearing Islands

After a day of about 7 different train-rides Bernie’s Mom Isolde arrived in Pontrieux and joined the Naïma-crew. She brought us some really nice T-Shirts with the letters „I hiked the Atlantic“ written on them and fed her son with his favourite food: Mohnklösse! We took advantage of the few days that promised good weather before a whole lot of bad weather was to come and took Isolde sailing for two days. First back to Lézardrieux – down the sometimes dry river and under the scary just-a-little-higher-than-our-mast-bridge. From there, we made our way to Paimpol, where we entered the Marina through a lock. The Marina was to become our home for about 10 days of stormy and rainy weather. We rented a car and went to discover the Pink Granite Coast, the stunning Bonaparte-beach and the beautiful Îles de Bréhat. We couldn’t help but admire the beautiful landscapes that Britanny offered us once more. Especially on Îles de Bréhat, the whole face of the island changes in just a few hours with a tidal difference of about 12m between high- and low-water. Accordingly there are also very strong currents with up to 12 knots. Luckily, we got to experience these onboard a tourist-boat with a speedy engine.
Up next: We break all of the five rules of the legendary English Channel as we sail from Paimpol to Oostende

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