Discovering Belgium: Oostende and Brugge

Before we arrived to Oostende, we contacted Kris, a sailor-friend of ours who grew up there. He got us into contact with the nicest Marina in town which is the Royal North Sea Yacht Club. The harbour-master is really nice and welcoming and the Marina is great. We went to discover the streets of Oostende and Bernie and Mark went for a boys-day to discover the city. Kris also gave us the advice to go visit Brugge, a beautiful Belgian Medieval town pretty close to Oostende. Before going there, we watched the legendary movie „In Bruges“ to get into the groove and the next day we recognised some of the places as „hey, that’s where everyone died“ or „that’s where he jumped on the boat“… Kris contacted his dad who lives in Brugge and gave us an amazing tour through the town. He lead us to the most wonderful places that we wouldn’t have found without him and took us on a boat-ride. Thank you Kris and Raul, we had a great time in Belgium!

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