Starting date

And here it is, the BIG announcement and official starting date for our long prepared sailing adventure: August 2016. Can you wait that long? Well, we find it quite hard…

Getting the boat ready

It is nice to have plans, but before starting we need to do sooooo many projects on our boat that we don’t even want to start listing them here. No, Naima is not a seller of souls, it is simply a sailboat, which means work. So boat projects will be our main leisure time activity until this summer.

The (rough) route

The starting point will be the south of Spain, where we bought our boat. Since our sailing experience is limited at this point, we do not like to make too much of a plan. However, this is what could happen: we sail for some time along the the southern coast of Spain and then to the Canary islands (our first ocean passage). Then, so the sea gods will, we cross the Atlantic to reach the Caribbean. After spending several month in the Caribbean, we return to Europe via the Azores. The total distance of this trip is about 10 000 nautical miles. But honestly, you never know what will actually happen when you sail.

One year later…

This is our track from October 2016 to October 2017.