3rd Atlantic crossing – Azores to France

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We felt at home in our little floating village, the small marina in Sao Jorge, where we knew almost all our neighbors. Yet, as we had to depart soon, we had already started to provision for our last Atlantic crossing. Fruit and vegetables were of much better quality now than what we had previously found […]

A Quick Stop in Sao Jorge

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The 22 nm sail to Velas on the island Sao Jorge was quick even in light winds. The marina is small and a bit narrow to enter, but there are always helping hands and the atmosphere is great. Jose, the harbor master, is very welcoming and helpful. We knew some boats from Horta and even […]

Fajal – a Green Paradise in the Big Blue

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In the midst of the Atlantic, there is a little green paradise called the Azores. It felt so good to arrive here. After 24 days of blue blue blue and shaky shaky shaky we spot the volcano of Pico on the horizon. Even from the distance we see what a lush green place this is. […]

Martinique – c’est la France!

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Baguettes, croissants, pain-au-chocolat, café au lait – we are in France again! Approaching Martinique didn’t feel much different than the previous islands. There are mangroves, white sand beaches with palm trees and treacherous reefs under water. But take a step on land and whooo, there is a different groove here! Just a half day sail […]

Leaving the Grenadines

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Bye bye Tobago Cays – we had a wonderful time here! But we wanted to head further North to spend some time on other Caribbean islands. Going North in the Windward Islands is usually against the wind (as you know from our previous posts), but the weather forecast predicted a good weather window to head […]

Atlantic Crossing : Days 11-22

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Yep, we are still out there, just in case you have wondered. 22 days have now passed since we left Gran Canaria. We made over 2600 nautical miles and only have a couple of days left till our planned landfall in Grenada, one of the southernmost islands of the wind ward islands. Here a short […]

Atlantic Crossing: Days 1-10

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After our two week marathon of boat repairs, provisioning and planning, it is finally done. We are ready to leave for the Atlantic crossing. We even find time for a small good-bye party with our nice neighbors and our friends Michael and Sonja from SY Pantera (nevertryneverknow.de), whom we met when Naima was still a […]

Preparing for the Atlantic Crossing

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It always takes more time than expected. But this time we did fairly well. Two weeks ago we decided that we’d dare the Atlantic crossing and head for the Caribbean. We estimated that we need 10 days to do the most important remaining boat jobs and to prepare for the voyage. In the end, we […]


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As we were waiting for our friend Moritz and his father to arrive in Barbate, we had a couple of days to discover Barbate and this region of Andalucía. The first thing we did, however, was to jump into the waves of the beautiful, and at this time of the year, lonely beach right next […]

Sailing the Gibraltar Strait

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Our trip towards Gibraltar started very gently. The sea was totally calm and there was no wind. So we motored and got used to the new situation of being only the two of us at sea. We took it easy, slept, ate, and slept again… it felt almost like on holidays! Pesto spaghetti… (Ela’s favorite…) […]

Murtas with Paco

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Paco had become our friend early on during our time in Almerimar. Ela got to know him through a party with several French sailors, which so I heard involved a good portion of drinking… Paco is not a sailor, but he moved to Almerimar to enjoy his new retired life in the beautiful landscape of […]


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A week has passed now since I have arrived on the boat. I would say it was rather frustrating in most aspects. We worked sunrise to sunset and it didn’t seem that we were very efficient. The new rudder bearing is working well, but it seems like it wasn’t the problem and it is rather […]

Andrea’s visit

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Andrea, our friend from 2 surprisingly harmonic sails in Brittany, France, came to visit us for a prolonged weekend. We met at the airport and shared a car to go to Almerimar. She bought a boat herself just a week ago so she was really interested in hearing all the details of the boat projects […]