The Standing Mast Route

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The standing mast route leads through a system of canals in the Netherlands that are acccessible for sailboats with a standing mast. We entered the channels of the Netherlands in Vlissingen. We got to Vlissingen late at night and the current was pushing us away from our destination. It seemed like the sea didn’t want […]

Pink Granite and Disappearing Islands

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After a day of about 7 different train-rides Bernie’s Mom Isolde arrived in Pontrieux and joined the Naïma-crew. She brought us some really nice T-Shirts with the letters „I hiked the Atlantic“ written on them and fed her son with his favourite food: Mohnklösse! We took advantage of the few days that promised good weather […]

Sailing where the rivers dry

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Brittany is a place that has so much to offer: crude landscapes – shaped by the tidal coming and going of the sea, rough nature and rock-formations that are curved by the ceaseless flow of water and winds. Special to Brittany are also its beautiful rivers that you can sail – if you calculate the […]

Family-cruising in Britanny

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The most wonderful thing about being closer to home is that people can easily come and visit. Our strategy was the following: We sailed directly from the Azores to Britanny, France to spend a whole month there, with an open invitation for friends and family to join us. My parents, Ruth and Reini, came to […]

Atlantic Crossing St. Maarten-Azores, Days 13-25

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We arrived in Horta on the Azores safe and sound on the 27th of June after 24 days at sea. The second part of our trip back from the Caribbean was definitely more interesting weather-wise. Every day we would look at the weather files and find a whole new picture. I guess the biggest surprise […]

Preparing Our Second Atlantic Crossing

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Boat work is exhausting! And especially with an ocean crossing coming up, you want everything to be in order and want to do a thorough job, so it’s even more exhausting. We spent three weeks in St. Martin, getting Naïma ready for the passage to the Azores. We worked like crazy from morning to evening […]

The Long Road to Codrington – Barbuda

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Imagine Barbuda like a very flat island with a beautiful lagoon in the middle, crystal clear water and kilometers of white sandy beaches. We decided that even though it was getting late and we still had some boat work to be done, we definitely didn’t want to skip this beautiful island. We arrived after a […]

Unintended Regatta-sailing in Antigua

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When we arrived in Antigua, the Antigua sailing week had just started. This event brings together all the speedy sailors in the Caribbean for an unforgettable week of Regatta-sailing. As we don’t really consider ourselves to be fast sailors, we didn’t intend to take part in the Regatta – until later on. We mingled with […]

Holidaying with friends in Guadeloupe

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Our friends Ogi and Elena came to visit us. We already conquered the seas of Greece and Croatia with them and now it was time for a Caribbean revival. After some minor logistical challenges (like figuring out where and when to meet), we met on the French islands „Iles Saintes“ just North of Dominica. There, […]

Lost in Dominica’s Rain Forest

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Dominica has been described as a highlight by so many sailors we have met on the way here. We were a bit skeptical though, because most of our friends had booked organized tours on the island and we much rather wanted to get to know the place on our own, as we usually do. In […]

Tobago Cays – Where the turtles hatch

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After our discovery of Coconut John’s little palm island, we sailed up to the Tobago Cays. The Tobago Cays are a marine park with four picturesque little islands and beautiful turquoise waters between them. It’s an ideal place for snorkeling and enjoying the timeless island-feeling. Our daily activities were snorkeling, drinking self-made fruit smoothies, discovering […]

Upwind island-hopping

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After a few weeks in Grenada it was time to move on. Theoretically the plan was to get to Carriacou as next destination. It did take us three tries (i.e. three entire days…) to get there, although it’s not a very long sail. Ok, let me explain that a bit closer here. Coming from the […]

Sweet Grenada

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Grenada has a magic to its own. The island has left a strong impression on us, maybe also because we made landfall here and everything just feels very special. There is a very strong cruiser’s community of sailors from all around the world who are very organized. At 7:30 in the morning, on VHF channel […]

We made it to Paradise

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We crossed the Atlantic! And we arrived in paradise! After 26 days we safely arrived on Grenada and steered Naïma into the beautiful Marina „Le Phare Bleu“ in the south of the island. Even now, more than a week later it’s difficult to grasp that we have finally arrived and that we have crossed an […]