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After a nice stay on Lanzarote, we decided to sail on. We first went to Corralejo on Fuerteventura, which was just a few miles away. There we stayed one night and enjoyed some quality street music while sipping on a beer or two (or wait, was it more?) in one of the hipster-cafes. We enjoyed […]

Lanzarote: Discovering Magmaland

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As we are now discovering the island, we can say the following thing for sure: Lanzarote is a pretty volcanic place! Everything you see is somehow related to volcanos. Houses built in Lava-bubbles, Lava-tunnels, black beaches and much more. The last big volcanic eruption on Lanzarote took place from 1730-1736 and covered a large part […]

Off to the Canary Islands

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The sail from Essaouira to Lanzarote was a windy one. Helmut decided to join us for the crossing to the Canary Islands, even though Moritz already left us to spend family-time on Lanzarote. And we were very happy to have him on board. With perfect wind conditions (even slightly too much wind at the beginning, […]

The streets of Marrakech

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The city of Marrakech had always attracted me and felt like some kind of mystic place, as described in the song „the streets of Marrakech“ by Incognito. Being in Essaouira and so close to this great city, we decided to spend a few days discovering it. In the little quiet Riad we found, we first […]

ST 7000 – Sailing with the beep

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You turn it on. It beeps loudly and you have a flashback to the two days you sailed with the beep from Gibraltar to Estepona. You decide this can’t be now. You ask someone downstairs to please turn the main switch off and on again whilst you crouch down holding the button „Standby“ upstairs (to prevent […]

Essaouira – An Unexpected Stop In Morocco

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On our way to the Canary Islands, we decided to make a stop in the fishing harbour of Essaouira in Morocco because the wind was to turn against us. Bernie and me had been eager to discover Morocco but since Moritz’s wife Anne and his daughter were already waiting for him in Lanzarote, it wasn’t Plan […]

Atlantic here we come!

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After a nice and relaxing week in Barbate, it was time to set sail again. This time we were joined by Moritz and his dad, Helmut. Moritz is guilty for introducing us to sailing on a very nice two-week sailing-trip in beautiful Greece, so it was an honour to have him aboard Naïma!! Packed with […]

Declaration of Independence

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We can now officially and proudly say that we are energetically independent. It has taken some time to pimp our system, but finally we reached the point in which our energy consumption is totally covered by solar- wind- and waterpower. First of all, we installed all the solar panels that were on the boat on […]

Rudy the troublemaker

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Let me introduce you to Rudy. He’s actually a fine guy who takes responsibilities in life. But watch it, he’s got a character as well. Lately he gets these moods that we don’t understand. We’ve treated him with every possible luxury: We gave him nice peelings, oil massages, Spa-treatments… Yet, all he does is complain, […]

Chapter Nine: Habemus Mastum!!!

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Unbelievable but true: On the 21st of July we finally managed to get the mast and the new shiny rig back on Naïma. What a long time it has been and just how good it felt to give Naïma her sailing-dignity back. Many people had asked me what happened with my boat because they didn’t […]

Chapter Seven: Bernie’s holidays

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Bernie came over from the Netherlands for some toilet-cleaning holidays. Again, like last time he was over, we got a huge deal of stuff done. The work was pretty exhausting because of the heat, but it felt great to move on so much faster being two instead of one. If you wanted to pull a […]